Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Young Blood - Meg Cabot (2001)

Continuing to read the mediator series because I want to know how it ends.

This book is just as good as the last one, with new interesting characters that the book is more focused on than the plot. I like the character of Paul, because he's so mysterious it's hard to tell whether he's good or bad most of the time. My favourite character in this book though was Jack, I thought he was really cute and quite smart for a boy his age, and his character also showed how Suze could have been without her dad.

Suze's stepdad Andy is digging in the backyard to put in a hot tub, and Suze is awoken in her sleep by Maria Diego who wants her to stop the digging or she'll hurt her. Suze doesn't give in and tells Jesse that she thinks his bones are buried there and he tells her that he won't move on to the next plain because his murder is proven. However after the bones are found, Jesse goes missing and it's because Jack, a young mediator Suze has been babysitting exorcized him because Maria told him to. Suze then exorcizes herself to get Jesse's soul and bring him back to earth. She then exorcizes Maria and Diego then Jesse kisses her.

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