Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Love You to Death - Meg Cabot (2000)

I read this book because I've read a lot of other Meg Cabot books and Mac told me these were good.

I thought this book was good, there are better Meg Cabot books than this one, but I still liked it. It was well written, and I thought the plot was pretty interesting. My favourite character was David, I thought he was very cute and I like how someone that has only known her a couple months could figure it out before her mum could.

Suze is a mediator, someone who can see and speak to ghosts. When she moves to a new house in California she finds a ghost named Jesse living in her room. She goes to school to find that her principal is also a mediator, the first one other than herself that she's met and he wants her help to get rid of Heather. Heather is the ghost of a teenage girl who won't move on until she kills the boy who dumped her so Suze is forced to exorcize her.

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  1. The Mediator is exciting misterious and crazy exactly the way i like it. The next book i cant wait to read im so exciting. I encourage others to read theis book as it is one os a kind.