Monday, 2 April 2012

The Princess Diaries: Give Me Five - Meg Cabot (2003)

This book used to be one of my favourites when I was younger and I can see how it's better than a lot of the others in the series, although this is where Mia's behaviour starts to become more and more annoying.

In this book Cabot incorporates the school newspaper into the book, giving the reader an insight into the school environment. This book is better than the last, and has a lot of plotlines on at once, including Helen's pregnancy, Michael's prom, the busboy strike, and Lilly and Boris' break up. My favourite character in this book is probably hormone crazed Helen, I think she is extremely hilarious in this book, and although her mood seems a little exaggerated, it's still believable.

Michael hasn't asked Mia to his senior prom yet and when she breaches the subject with him he says it's lame and he doesn't want to go. Grandmere causes a nation-wide busboy strike, lead by Lilly who falls in lust with Jangbu and dumps Boris. Boris then drops a globe on his head and is saved by Mia and Michael before falling in love with Tina. Mia gets Michael's band to play at the prom so he will go and on the night of the prom her mum gives birth to her brother, Rocky.

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