Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Mean Spirits - Meg Cabot (2001)

Once again reading this series I thought this book was better than the previous one.

I thought the plot in this book was even richer than the last one, actually having her get close to the killer and having to interact with him regularly. My favourite character in this book was Father Dominic, I enjoyed learning about his past, and thought it was really nice how much he's starting to care for Suze.

Suze sees a group of teenage ghosts that drove off a cliff try to kill the person in the crash that survived. The boy is Michael Meducci, a nerd with no friends, who starts dating Suze, who only agreed so she could keep him safe. One afternoon when she is driving somewhere with Michael, Sleepy intervenes and says that she has to ride in his car. Once in the car they have an accident because the brakes aren't working, and Suze realizes that it was Michael who tried to hurt them. He purposely drove the other teenagers off the cliff because they threw the party where his sister fell into a pool and into in a coma, and Brad, her other brother who was in the car was also at the party. Suze tries to stop him from killing again but he tries to kill her, and before he can finish the ghosts show up and start beating him, the cops then arrive and take him to jail for attempted murder of Suze and the murder of the other teenagers.

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