Monday, 2 April 2012

The Princess Diaries: Sixsational - Meg Cabot (2004)

I used to think that this was the worst book in the series, but after rereading it now, I have changed my mind and made it second last. The student election plot keeps me pretty interested to keep reading.

This book incorporates school notes and letters in the book that help make it feel more like you actually go to the school. This book and the next are filled with Mia's insecurities about having sex, which get more and more annoying as she reapeats them again and again through the book, the student council election however is very intriguing as it really could go either way which is why this book is still worth a read. My favourite character in this book was probably Lilly, she is very supportive in this book and we also get to see her vulnerability, a rarity for her character, which I quite enjoy.

Lana tells Mia that all college boys expect their girlfriends to "do it" and Mia freaks out without even talking to Michael for the entirety of the book, minus the last ten pages. Lilly also gets Mia to run for student council president because she knows Mia is liked by people even if she doesn't know it, Lana runs against her but Mia's speech about equality wins it for her in the end.

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