Monday, 2 April 2012

The Princess Diaries: To The Nines - Meg Cabot (2007)

When reading this book I always think it might be kind of unnecessary to write the last book because you could end the series with this one, but then I always remember how good the last one is, even though this one has quite a nice ending.

I love the plot twist in this book with the past princess storyline, it makes the book so much more interesting, and is a good way for Mia to accomplish something. I think what the author does in getting rid of Mia's oldest friend and replacing her with her oldest enemy is very clever and is written in a way that makes it seems plausible and seem like you would do the same. My favourite character in this book is definitely Boris, in this and the next book he shows his loyalty for Michael and really looks after Mia without Tina telling him to, I love the last two books partly because of Boris' character becoming more prominent.

Michael replies to Mia's email saying that it's probably best if they date other people and just go back to being friends. This causes Mia to become depressed and her dad forces her to see Dr Knutz, a psychologist, who gets her to try neew things including be friends with Lana considering Lilly won't talk to her after the JP media storm. Michael starts to email Mia occasionally and Mia deletes them because she doesn't think she can reply without begging him to take her back, while this is happening Mia discovers the journal of a past princess who only ruled for twelve days because she died of the plague. It turns out Amelie did accomplished a lot in her twelve days that helped minimize the plague in Genovia as well as constructing a document that made Genovia a democracy rather than a monarchy. Mia reveals this to everyone and then starts to date JP after his persistent efforts to go out with her ever since she broke up with Michael, Boris then tells Mia to reply to Michael so he knows she hasn't forgotten about him and she does.

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