Friday, 6 April 2012

Paper Towns - John Green (2008)

When looking through dymocks I found another John Green book, I only have one to go now. Although I didn't like this one as much as The Fault in our Stars I still enjoyed it.

LinkWhen reading John Green's books I always love finding little nerdfighteria references, my parents can't understand why I'm laughing so hard when someone is "editing the blue spotted anglerfish page". Green writes well, if a bit boring in the second part, but it still interested me enough to read it in five days, it would've been faster if I didn't have two tests to study for this week. But it was still an excellent book with a quirky plotline and main character that would interest most people that read the first couple pages. My favourite character was Radar, I thought his character was the perfect combination of funny and sensitive, although I may be biased towards the band geeks in any book, being one myself. I would recommend this to any teen, boy or girl, that likes this genre of book.

Quentin is a month away from graduating high school when his next door neighbour, and most popular girl in school, Margo Roth Spiegelman climbs into his window. She takes him on an adventure to get revenge on her enemies and Quentin has the night of his life and realizes how much he missed hanging out with Margo. When they return home the next morning she tells him that she will miss hanging out with him and then disappears on what everyone thinks is another of her road trips. Every time she leaves on her trips Margo leaves clues for her parents to find her, but they never do. This times she leaves clues for Quentin and he and his friends try to find her. The search ends on graduation day when they have 24 hours to travel to the "paper town" of Agloe to find her. Once they do Margo tells Quentin she's not coming back this time, she's going travelling but will keep in touch. They kiss then he says he'll visit her at the end of summer and she says she'll look forward to it.

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