Thursday, 29 March 2012

The Princess Diaries: Third Time Lucky - Meg Cabot (2001)

I'm continuing reading this series, and originally it was going to be a trilogy so this book has a nice ending that ties up all the loose ends. This is probably one of the best book in the series.

In this book notes are included in the diary so you get to see a little bit of other peoples perspectives. Meg Cabot continues writing tremendously in this diary style and tries to wrap up all the storylines because she was originally only contracted to write three books. My favourite character in this book was Lars, he is usually hilarious whenever he is mentioned, but in this book he is a lot more prominent and included in the story at the perfect times. Anyone that likes the previous books will enjoy this book.

Mia is trying to break up with Kenny because she is in love with Michael and she is getting ready for the non-denominational winter carnival and dance, as well as her introduction to the Genovian people. She sends Michael anonymous love notes and he writes her a computer program, they then go to the dance together.

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  1. This series is amazing because it is from the piont of veiw from somebody completly normal who becomes someone very important but doesn't change.