Sunday, 18 March 2012

Angel Arias - Marianne de Pierres (2011)

I bought this book because I enjoyed the first one and was interested to see how the story would progress after leaving Ixion. I enjoyed it just as much as the first one and am quite excited to read the last one in the trilogy.

Even though this book wasn't set in Ixion, it still held the same adventurous feel that the previous book had. I also enjoyed learning more about the Grave and Markes, who I didn't think Naif got to know very well in the previous book. My favourite character was Liam, I thought what happened to him was terrible but De Pierres knew how to write him so that you could understand his scariness at first, but then understand his caring and fighting spirit. I would recommend this series to any fantasy or dystopia fans as Burn Bright was more fantasy, and this book was more dystopian, but with healthy amounts of both genres in both books.

The book starts with Naif on Ruzalia's island and wanting to leave for The Grave to discover why the Ripers have been there. After beads are smuggled onto her island Ruzalia agrees to take Naif and Markes to The Grave for two days. Once there Naif meets Liam, who was once on Ixion and had been removed, but the transformation had gone wrong so he and seven others had been taken to The Grave by Lenoir. Liam helps Naif and Markes get to his friend Emilia and her brother Jarrold who both agree to help them and want to go with them to Sanctus. Naif learns that the elders have made a deal with the Ripers because they have the queen of the uthers and they will keep her safe and deliver more children to Ixion if the Ripers give them a youth elixir that is produced when the night creatures feed on them. Naif, Markes, Emilia, Jarrold and Liam are then picked up by Ruzalia and taken back to Sanctus.

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