Saturday, 3 March 2012

Gone - Michael Grant (2008)

I bought this book because it was only ten dollars and I heard many good things about it from some of my friends. I was quite disappointed, and suprisingly scared by some of the things in this book.

The book has an excellent plot idea, however I think it could've been done so much better. I think it was too drawn out, and some storylines were unnecessary, you would think a story that is only twelve days would go pretty fast, unfortunately that was not the case. I also found this book quite confronting and scary for a teen book, the hands encased in cement was just too upsetting for me to handle and reminded me of the human centipede. The character of Drake was also frightening, I would have preferred not to have seen into the mind of such a psychopath, even a fictional one. My favourite character was definitely Lana, she was strong and funny and, her most important quality in my eyes, she loved her dog. I would recommend this book to people who like dystopian fiction, that have a stomach strong enough to withstand Drake and his cruelty.

Everyone fifteen or older suddenly disappears and Sam Templeton is looked to as a leader. Soon Caine, Diana, Drake and other Coates kids come and take over, they organise everything and they are appreciated, until they start making outrageous rules that turn out to be to do with "the power" that some kids have developed. Sam ends up getting most of the kids on his side and defeats Caine when he attacks them, both he and Caine (who we learn are twins separated at birth) also resist what is known as "the darkness" from taking them away like everyone else when they turn fifteen.

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