Thursday, 8 March 2012

Sing You Home - Jodi Picoult (2011)

Mac leant me this book because we share a love of Jodi Picoult and I hadn't read this one yet, it held up to her standard of book and I couldn't put it down.

As usual with Picoult's books, once I get to the trial (usually the last hundred pages) I cannot stop reading, so many twists and turns! I love it! This book once again dealt with a controversial issue that is affecting society today, in this case it was lesbians adopting and church interference. My favourite character was Sammy, although she only is in it for the last two pages and we don't know much about her, I thought her perspective was written perfectly and she was so cute. Definitely recommend this book to any Picoult fans, as well as people that like a good drama.

Zoe is married to Max and is finally pregnant in her seventh month after four unsucessful IVF treatments. At her baby shower she starts bleeding and is rushed to the hospital to learn her baby is dead, she must then deliver the stillborn, and still wants to try for another baby which prompts Max to tell her that he wants a divorce. Max then goes back to his drinking until he has a car accident and finds God. Zoe becomes good friends with Vanessa and then falls in love with her and marries her. On their honeymoon Vanessa brings up kids and Zoe remembers that she still has three frozen embryos from her last round of IVF and Vanessa wants to carry them. Before Zoe can have the embryos, Max must sign a contract, and when she approaches him about it, he says he'll think about it but then goes to his pastor Clive Lincoln who tells him maybe God wants him to have the embryos to give to his brother Reid and his wife Liddy who have been trouble having a baby. A trial then follows where Zoe and Vanessa look like they're winning, until Pastor Clive comes in telling Zoe that the girl she has been counselling is his stepdaughter and he's convinced her to say that she has sexually harrassed her. Zoe decides to let them have the embryos to save Lucy from having to come to court and be torn between her friendship with Zoe or pressure from her father even though it is her last chance to have a child that is biologically hers. Max is awarded the embryos but decides to give them to Zoe. The last chapter is from the Sammy's perspective when she is six years old, she talks about how much she loves both her mothers, her father and his fiancee, and although people tease her, she knows she's the luckiest girl in the world.

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  1. I am an avid Jodi reader but must admit I was a little nervous when I found out she was writing a book about such a controversial subject, the Gay community. I came from an extremely conservative family and grew up being `anti-gay'. The past few years I have become more neutral on the subject, not being passionate one way or the other about the subject. I just finished Sing You Home and I have a completely new perspective on the LGBT community. I never realized all of the battles they encounter and never realized the extreme measures people have taken to hold this community back from basic civil liberties. This book has made me realize the reality and prejudice that is occurring everyday in the world around me. Who would have thought that a fictional book could have such a dramatic impact on my outlook on life and humanity? Thank you Jodi for writing such an accurate and honest portrayal of the unfortunate injustice engrained in our society.