Friday, 24 July 2015

Flame - Amy Kathleen Ryan (2014)

4 stars

I ordered this because I loved Glow and Spark so much, although it wasn't as good as either of them I still enjoyed this one and thought it was a good end to the series.

This book is told in the same manner as the last, from the three different perspectives of Seth, Waverly and Kieran except this time it has a few chapters from Arthur's perspective as well. I think I didn't like this book as much as the others because it was all kind of expected, I knew I'd hate Anne Mather, I knew not to trust most of the people on the New Horizon, and I just got a bit sick of the constant crap that all three of them were being put through for the entire book, there was no real reprieve of sadness until the very end and it kind of depressed me. My favourite character in this book was probably Seth, I read the first two books so long ago I can't actually remember him being bad so I just enjoyed how basically all he wanted to do was help Waverly the entire time and I looked forward to his perspective because that was always a semi happy bit I could look forward to reading about. I would recommend this series to anyone who enjoys YA fiction and science fiction, or people who liked Across the Universe or These Broken Stars and want more of that romance on a spaceship stuff that seems to be ALL I AM READING ABOUT.

This book starts with Seth making it to the New Horizon using a OneMan suit and then managing to evade capture. Anne Mather starts an alliance with Kieran so she can get the Empyrean survivors on her side and he can have some control over what happens to them all. Doctor Carver, one of the church elders and council members, makes plans with Waverly to testify against Anne Mather so he can take her down and put his son Jared in charge in exchange for fixing her mother and the rest of the parents on board who seem to have suffered some weird brain damage. Arthur, Sarek, Tobin and all the injured Empyrean members are still alive and on the Empyrean and are hiding from the crew members of the New Horizon that are trying to salvage the ship. Seth is eventually captured by Anne Mather and she deliberately puts him in the brig with no medical help even though his broken hand has caused a severe infection that he is dying from. A nurse is sent down because Jacob Pauley still thinks Seth is his friend and she gets him to the infirmary where they had to amputate his arm. Waverly is captured by Jacob and Ginny Pauley and Jared (who is super creepy and tried to rape Waverly) exchanges Kieran for her. They forcefeed Kieran bags of explosives and a detonator and then send him to testify at Anne Mather's trial with what they want him to say because they also hate her. Waverly goes to Mather's trial but is stopped by Serafina who tells her what the Pauley's did to Kieran, she also tells her that they need to be in range to detonate the bomb so she goes after Jacob. Jacob takes Seth from the infirmary to watch him blow up Kieran and together he and Waverly manage to kill Jacob and warn Kieran to get out of range. Ginny Pauley shoots Anne Mather on stage before she is gunned down herself, Kieran flies a shuttle to the Empyrean when Arthur contacts him and tells him to come back. He manages to vomit up all the explosives, but he can't get the detonator out and they have to try to wait for it to pass through him. One of the New Horizon crew members on the Empyrean is a rebel and helps detain the rest of the crew and help Arthur, Sarek and Kieran negotiate all their ship members back with the rest of the rebels in exchange for the rest of the crew. Kieran ends up having to go back to the New Horizon because the Empyrean has no infirmary and he needs surgery, but this means he cannot come back as they have to leave for another planet Sarek has found and can't risk an attack from Doctor Carver. The book ends 10 years later with Waverly being the first person to test out the new planet Sarek found, being married to Seth with their two children and still in video contact with Kieran who is married to Felicity and they've just had their fifth child and named her Waverly.

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