Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Inheritance - Christopher Paolini (2011)

I have read and enjoyed all the books in this series, although not as much as Mac has, and really wanted to see how it would all end. I know that this series has a pretty hardcore cult following (Mac included) so I'm sure it pleases all of you to know that Christopher Paolini says he will write more books in the setting of Algaesia and I myself will definitely be reading them if this series is the standard they will be held to.

I enjoyed this book, though probably not as much as its predecessors because it took half the book to get to the main plotline that is described in Mac's previous blog. Also the biggest disappointment to me was the fact that Eragon and Arya didn't end up together, most other endings were predictable (excluding the dwarves and urgals becoming riders) however that is one thing that I would've liked to predict. My favourite characters were Saphira, Murtagh and Orik, I loved the chapter that was from Saphira's perspective and it upset me that there was only one chapter like that. I also just have a soft spot for Orik and Murtagh which I have had from the start of the series, and when Orik arranged a farewell with all the dwarves for Eragon I must admit there were some tears. I would recommend Eragon to any big fantasy fans that have not already read it, I would be recommending this book as well but I know that anyone who has read the rest of the books will get around to reading it sooner or later.

For plot summary see Mac's previous blog.

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