Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Burn Bright - Marianne de Pierres (2011)

Mac gave this book to me for my birthday this year because it had a staff recommendation, and I can understand how someone could be totally obsessed with this series.

This book was written in that funny, kind of always wanting to know more way, that reminds me of The Replacement by Brenna Yovanoff. It has an interesting plot that is nothing like anything that I've read. My favourite character was Suki, I thought she was lovely and super tough at the same time. I also thought that creating the world where the women were the powerful ones that protected the men was pretty clever. I would recommend this to any fantasy fans, especially fans of complicated plots you need to think about.

Retra jumps onto a barge that will take her to Ixion, an island of non-stop darkness and partying. Most people run away to Ixion because they want to rebel and party, but Retra goes there to find her brother Joel, who ran away a year ago. There we discover the land of Ixion where Ripers are there to "protect" you, night creatures linger in the dark beyond the paths, and when you become too old you are withdrawn. When Retra sees the Riper Brand attacking Krista-belle she slams a chair over his back and gets noticed by a lot of people, including the head Riper Lenoir. Retra then learns that her brother is Clash, the second in command of the League and working for Ruzalia. Brand then tries to hurt Retra and cuts her femeral artery, Lenoir then heals her, however in doing that they become bonded. Retra then changes her name to Naif and a battle occurs between the league and the night creatures. The night creatures want to kill Naif as Lenoir also killed one of them to protect her, Joel then calls Ruzalia to take Naif away and Lenoir tells her that the only way to stop the night creatures attacking is for her to leave. Before she does, he tells her that the night creatures won't kill him because he is one of them and they won't kill one of their own, Ruzalia then takes Naif, Markes and Charlonge away from Ixion.

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