Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Glow - Amy Kathleen Ryan (2011)

I got this book for my birthday and I wasn't sure if it looked good or not, turns out it was pretty great.

This book was really excellent, it's set in space and has an excellent plot. I thought it was so well-written I found it hard to stop reading, I also thought that the villian Anne Mather was so well portrayed and I couldn't hate her more, she reminded me of Umbridge. My favourite character was Amanda, as she was one of the only consistently good characters throughout the book. I would recommend this book to any teenager, it has aspects that can appeal to many different kinds of people.

Waverly and Kieran are in love, they live on a ship called the Empyrean which is flying to New Earth. There is another ship, the New Horizon, which set sail a year before the Empyrean that has slowed down to rendevouz with them, however instead of talking, the New Horizon crew boards the ship and kills almost all the adults on board. They then take all the girls on to their ship and tell them that they didn't shoot anyone they merely tranquilised them. Waverly doesn't believe them and quietly rebels with Samantha and Sarah, they soon learn that some adults from the Empyrean that got away are stored in the basement of the New Horizon. Anne Mather is the ship's pastor and captain, she tells Waverly that Captain Jones sent them an injection that destroyed their ovaries and thats why they have no children on board. Anne soon drugs Waverly and a number of other girls and harvests their eggs without their consent. Waverly and the other girls escape however they are unable to free their parents from the basement without being shot like Samantha, who died. Meanwhile on the Empyrean, Kieran is in charge, he and Seth save the few adults that were trapped downstairs while trying to save the ship from radioactivity however they are badly burned and some die. Seth then turns on Kieran and becomes a ruthless dictator and starves Kieran in a cell, soon the other boys help take down Seth so Kieran returns to be leader of the ship. Waverly and the other girls then return to the ship, however Waverly doesn't want to be with Kieran anymore because he has started running religious services and it reminds her too much of Anne Mather.

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