Friday, 13 January 2012

Hallowed - Cynthia Hand (2012)

I read Unearthly last year and was absolutely captivated, I read it in a day. I know there is a lot of young adult paranormal books that are popular now, but I think this is one of the better ones.

This book doesn't really have a big fight scene or a large complication like most books do which is both good and bad, but it was still well written enough for me to read it in two days. My favourite characters in this book were Mr Phibbs and Christian. In books with love triangles I usually go for the guy that the main character chooses, like Peeta in The Hunger Games, or Edward in Twilight, probably partly because they're portrayed more likeable, however in this book I really liked Christian a lot more than Tucker. I also just liked Mr Phibbs cause he's pretty cool. I would recommend this series to any fans of the Fallen series by Lauren Kate.

This book follows Clara's journey after failing at her purpose in Unearthly. She has chosen to love Tucker but is becoming better friends with Christian throughout the novel, especially after they learn that angel-bloods only live to be 120 years old and that's how old her mum is. Samjeeza is constantly around Clara and it is worrying everyone a lot until Clara and Jeffrey's dad comes to see their mum before she dies and banishes Samjeeza. They then learn that their dad is an angel, an Intangere, which means that both her and Jeffrey are Triplare and are extremely rare and will be constantly hunted by black wings. Christian then takes Clara to his mother's grave and tells her that he is also a Triplare and that's why they are meant to be together, he then kisses her and Clara runs away. That kiss, the fact that Clara has so many angel secrets from Tucker and the long distance factor now that Clara is moving to Stanford causes her and Tucker to break up. Clara then learns that last year when Jeffrey was so upset after the fire it was because he started the fire Tucker was in and it was his purpose to then save him but Clara ruined it all. Jeffrey then runs away and Clara goes to Italy for the summer with Angela.

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