Tuesday, 12 January 2016

The Indigo Spell - Richelle Mead (2013)

3.5 stars

My friend lent me this book after she learned that I hadn't read past The Golden Lily and I immediately remembered how easy this series was to get invested in and read.

This book is told from alternating perspectives of Adrian and Sydney, and reading Adrian's perspective is so much fun it was mainly what drove me to continue reading knowing that he had another chapter coming up. These books aren't anything super amazing or life changing, but they are always fun and I remembered that as soon as I started reading it. I'm not sure if it was because it had been so long since I'd read the last book but it seemed like the Adrian and Sydney romance was much more prominent in this book than the last, which I had no problem with. My favourite character was unsurprisingly Adrian, he just wants to be a good person and to be able to love Sydney without consequences and I find it very endearing and cute whenever he's around. I would recommend this series to anyone who just wants a fun easy read and like YA paranormal books.

The book starts with Sydney being woken by Ms Terwilliger because she says she's in danger and they must practice her magic more intensely than they had before. Sydney then goes to Sonya's wedding where she dances with Adrian in front of other alchemists and then uses her magic to find Marcus Finch, the name she heard from alchemists as someone who left the organization. When she finds Marcus she learns that he heads up a rebel organization for alchemists and warriors who want to leave their groups. Marcus says in order for Sydney to join she has to betray the alchemists in some way and he wants her to break into one of their facilities to get some information about the alchemists and the warriors working together. She uses one of the alchemist's crush on her to get him to let her into the facility. The danger that Ms Terwilliger was warning Sydney about was her sister Veronica who is also magical and finds young witches to steal youth and power from, Sydney uses her magic to find where Veronica is staying but her and Adrian only find a young receptionist who interrupts them when Adrian was about to get Sydney to confess her love for him in Veronica's old room. Sydney must then face off with the receptionist, Alicia, once she finds out that she stole Veronica's power and was going after Ms Terwilliger next. Sydney then decides to go with Marcus to Mexico to break her tattoo but Adrian leaves her coordinates if she decides to stay, she ends up going to find Adrian and profess her love for him and they decide to date in secret. They return to school and Zoe, Sydney's little sister, has arrived to stay with her.

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