Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Binge - Tyler Oakley (2015)

4 stars

I got this book for christmas after I put it on my list because Buck's review of it finally sold me on wanting to read it.

I haven't read any other youtuber books so I can't compare it to any of them in terms of how good it was, but it was definitely a fun read. The book is told through different short chapter stories that go in chronological order, from when his birth up to his 25th birthday, this order means that it kind of has most of it's heavier chapters pretty close to each other in the latter half of the book but it had enough funny chapters in it to make sure I didn't stay sad for long. Since this book is just Tyler's life I can't have a favourite character, but my favourite chapter, or at least most memorable, was definitely the hopeless toemantic chapter. If you only read one chapter of this book please make it this one and never stop laughing and being not at all surprised that Tyler both did that, and decided to share it with the world. I would recommend this book to any fan of Tyler's, even if you've only enjoyed one or two of his videos I'm sure there's at least some chapters that would appeal to you.

This book includes stories of Tyler's birthdays, his first experience finding porn, how he came out, his family, his experiences with both a closeted boyfriend and an abusive one, his experience with one direction, his grindr hookup with a guy that had a foot fetish, his near panic attack on his 25th birthday and plenty more fun life experiences he's had.

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