Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Everything, Everything - Nicola Yoon (2015)

3.5 stars

I heard about this book because the movie rights had been bought before the book was even published so I really wanted to see why it was so popular.

This book is told from Maddy's perspective, often with pictures or poems from her diary or instant messaging or email records from her account. I thought this book was super cute, it was really easy to read and had a super surprising twist that had me freaking out over a book that for the majority had me just thinking it was a cute teen romance. My favourite character in this book was Maddy, I thought she was incredibly strong in every situation she had to go through and I found her quirkiness made this book really easy to read. I would recommend this to anyone who like YA romance and loves a good plot twist.

Maddy has a rare disease where she is allergic to everything and she has stayed inside her sealed house with only her mother and her nurse Carla who comes over every day since she was a baby and her father and brother died in a car accident. When they get some new neighbours she starts a friendship through her window with Olly who has the room opposite her, they exchange emails and message back and forth until Maddy convinces Carla to let him come in one day and meet her. One time when he's over they kiss and nothing bad happens to Maddy. Another night she is watching them from her window when Olly's abusive father tries to hit him when they're outside and Maddy runs to protect him. He makes her go back inside but she can't forget the experience. She then lies to him and tells him that she has some experimental pills that allow her to go outside so they take a trip to Hawaii together. She doesn't tell her mother and after a day in Hawaii together she wakes up in the middle of the night unable to breathe. Her mother then cuts off all contact between her and Olly and Olly convinces his mother to leave his father and they move. Maddy is too heartbroken to stay in contact even though he continues to message her. She then gets an email from her doctor in Hawaii who believes she was misdiagnosed and he says that she merely has a heart condition and an incredibly weakened immune system from living like she was allergic to the world her whole life. Maddy then looks up her medical records and sees that her mother diagnosed her without a second opinion, and when she confronts her mother she realized that she is psychologically damaged after the accident that killed her father and brother. She then goes to New York and finds Olly.

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