Sunday, 17 February 2013

Safe Haven - Nicholas Sparks (2010)

5 stars

I bought this book because of a staff recommendation in dymocks and I am so grateful to that staff member, because I've read some Nicholas Sparks that are terrible so I'm always hesitant to buy a new one.

This book was wonderfully written, I have no idea how Sparks was able to write from Kevin's perspective because sometimes while reading it I had to stop for a minute to remember he's fictional and I don't know anyone that messed up in the head in real life. The plot was really enthralling as well, just when Alex and Katie's love started to get boring, Kevin's story started being told, it was so well paced I found it hard to stop reading at all. My favourite character was Jo, she was really funny and gave Katie the reassurance she needed to settle down and give love a chance, I thought her character could have been used more near the end of the story, but then her plot twist made me understand why she became more sparse towards the end of the plot. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes Nicholas Sparks' books or romance novels with a bit of drama.

Katie comes to Southport starving and unemployed, she gets a job as a waitress at Ivan's and soon meets Alex, the general store owner who is a widower with two kids. They form a friendship and Katie starts to settle down in Southport, they soon start dating and Katie tells Alex about her past. She was abused by her husband who was a drunk (and a psycho in my opinion) and it took her a year to steal the money she needed from him to escape and she stole the identity of her neighbours dead daughter to escape without him finding her. After about six months Kevin finds out the identity Erin (Katie's real name) stole and finds her. He drank four bottles of vodka in one day and can't see straight, but he decides that fire is purifying so he douses Alex's house in gasoline, where Katie is babysitting the kids while Alex drives a neighbour back from the airport. Katie manages to get the kids out safely, however Kevin then threatens them with a gun, so Katie distracts him while telling them to run to her house. Alex sees them on the road and drops them off before going to the store to help Katie, when he gets there he runs over Kevin's hand and breaks it. Before they can do anything else Kevin manages to drive off to where Katie is staying so they also head there to protect the kids. Once there Kevin knocks Alex over the head with a crowbar, and while Katie's holding the gun, he pulls the trigger cause he thinks it's pointing at her, but he accidently shoots himself in the gut. Kevin dies and Alex and Katie are happy, Katie realizes that her neighbour that she had made friends with was really Carly's (Alex's wife) ghost and is happy that she approves of her with Alex.

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