Tuesday, 5 February 2013

One Day - David Nicholls (2009)

3 stars

This was another of the books that Mac bought me for my birthday earlier this year, and although I found it less engaging than Water for Elephants (the previous book she bought me) I think it would make a more interesting movie.

This book follows the relationship between Emma and Dexter by describing what happens to them every year on July 15th. Although it's an interesting concept, it does get quite boring for several of the middle years and if I hadn't had so much free time today it would have taken me a lot longer to get through those years to the last couple where they get interesting again. I liked how it just switched between the two perspectives with no markings or change of chapters because it made the characters more relatable and it seemed nice and informal, like they were two of my friends. I didn;t really have a favourite character in this book, not because I didn't like any, but because none of them really jumped out at me or added anything particularly special to the novel. I would recommend this to anyone who likes romance novels and doesn't mind a surprising twist.

Em and Dex meet the night of graduation and spend the enitre night talking. Although they both like each other and want to be more than just friends the timing is never quite right. Over the years they become best friends and stick together through many ups and downs in each others lives including Dex's mother dying, Dex's drinking problem and Em's affair with her boss. In their late thirties they finally start to date and are married and trying for a baby in after a little more than a year, however just before Dex's fourtieth birthday Em gets hit by a car and dies.

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