Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Hollow City - Ransom Riggs (2014)

3 stars

My Aunty lent me this book as soon as she finished it because I had lent her the first one after I'd read it and although I enjoyed this book, I got the distinct feeling that the next one will be a lot better.

This book is told in the same way as the previous novel, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, from the perspective of Jacob and interspersed with many peculiar pictures from history that Ransom has collected himself or borrowed from other collectors. I enjoyed this book less than the first one I think because they were so focused on getting to one place the entire time that I thought it was a bit tedious at times, but I really enjoyed it whenever they ran into other peculiars and I'm excited to see how many more they will pick up in the next book. My favourite character was Bronwyn, I like how maternal and loving she is even though with her ability you think she'd be the opposite. I would recommend this series to anyone who likes fantasy with a bit of historical context.

The book starts with Jacob and the other peculiars rowing from their island to the mainland and then after realizing how many wights are after them hiding for a night. They then discover a loop that is full of peculiar animals that say that their Ymbryne, Miss Wren, is still alive and trying to help the other Ymbryne's in London. They also inform the children that Miss Peregrine only has two more days to get to another Ymbryne and change back before she'll never be able to again. They then leave the loop and head towards London and they eventually get there with the help of some Gypsies, but then they must find one of Miss Wren's pigeons to help them find her. They eventually catch a pigeon and get it to lead them into the loop in which Miss Wren is hiding and once there they find Miss Wren with a handful of other peculiar's she's saved. Once Miss Wren has convinced Miss Peregrine to turn back, it turns out to be her brother, a wight who also has the ability to turn into a bird just like his sister, and he informs them that he has them surrounded and has captured all the other peculiars that have sheltered them on the way and is going to steal their second souls which contain their abilities. As they are taking them on a train to wherever they are keeping all the peculiars and Ymbrynes Jacob and Emma manage to escape with the help of Addison, a peculiar dog they met in Miss Wren's loop, and Jacob learns that he can not only see the hollows but can control them and they head off to save the others.

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