Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Insurgent - Veronica Roth (2012)

5 stars

I was so excited for this book because Divergent was probably the best book I read last year. I was not disappointed by the sequel at all.

I enjoyed this book just as much as the first book, it was amazingly well written and went into more depth of the fictional society than the previous novel. Veronica also went into a lot more detail with the other characters in the novel that weren't properly developed in Divergent. My favourite character in this book was once again Four, I'm 100% certain that Veronica wrote the most lovable character in the world and in this book I just love him more and more. I also found it hard to pick a faction in this book, because whenever I favoured a faction, I learned more about them and didn't like them, a clever tactic that is probably leading to the destruction of factions in future novels. I would recommend this and Divergent to anyone, anyone at all, anyone with a soul, anyone that loves anything, because these books are amazing and can be enjoyed by all.

The book starts with Tris and the other Dauntless in Amity, they stay there until Erudite launch an attack and they must leave. Tris and Tobias then meet with the factionless who are led by Tobias' mother, whom he thought to be dead. After leaving the factionless, Tris and Tobias meet up with other Dauntless and Abnegation at Candor headquarters where they are publicly interrogated with truth serum. Erudite then launch another attack, this time on Candor, in which they shoot everyone with long range transmitters so they can put them under simulation whenever they want. The Dauntless then return to Dauntless headquarters and destroy the security cameras, and that night three of the Dauntless that have long range transmitters are controlled by Jeanine and tell Tris that if a Dauntless doesn't surrender to Erudite this will happen every two days. Two of the three people are saved, but Marlene dies and Tris goes to Erudite after promising Tobias that she won't. Tris is then experimented on by Jeanine, who wants to develop a serum that will work on divergents, Tobias also comes to Erudite to be a prisoner with Tris and they both escape with the help of Peter. The Dauntless and factionless then form an alliance to attack the Erudite and destroy their information, however Tris works with Marcus to try to get the information that Jeanine is protecting and her mother died for. Tori kills Jeanine before she can locate the information for Tris and Tris is labelled a traitor for wanting to save Jeanine. The factionless then tell Dauntless that there will be no more factions and that no-one can argue with them because they commandeered all the weapons, Tobias then shows the video Tris was looking for to everyone which shows that they were all separated from society to be protected from human nature itself.

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