Friday, 18 May 2012

City of Lost Souls - Cassandra Clare (2012)

4 stars

I was pretty excited to read this book after reading the previous books in the series, and it was just as good as the most of the previous books in the series, though not as good as some.

This book follows the plotline that was set up in City of Fallen Angels, which I don't think is as good as the plotline for the first three books but is still very intriguing, if predictable at times. I really enjoy how Cassandra switches between the different characters perspectives all the time as it lets me as a reader understand all the characters and how they are feeling, the only problem with that is when she doesn't write from Magnus' point of view who I think would be one of the most interesting characters to hear from. My favourite character in this book was Sebastian, even though he's evil I thought he was written brilliantly, I was starting to like him when he was good, but I despised him when he was bad. I think he is an excellent character who is really good to read about, especially when you find out that all he really wants is a friend. I would recommend this series to any paranormal fiction fans.

This book picks up two weeks after Simon killed Lillith and Sebastian took Jace. Clary meets with the Seelie Queen to try to get information about Jace and she asks Clary to steal her a set of faerie made rings that allow them to communicate in each others heads. Once Clary steals them, Jace and Sebastian come to her house and try to get her to come with them and they stab Luke with demon metal in the process. Clary then gives a ring to Simon and keeps one for herself so that she can keep in contact with him when she goes with Jace to try to learn Sebastian's plan. Simon summons Raziel and gets the Archangel Michael's sword that will burn the evil out of Sebastian and sever his bond to Jace without killing him as well. Clary learns that Sebastian made a second mortal cup and plans to Raise Lillith and pour her blood into it to make a new race of dark shadowhunters and has forty willing shadowhunters to drink it right away. When he starts his ceremony, the first person to drink from the cup is Amatis, forced to drink by a shadowhunter that stole her away in the night. After all the shadowhunters have been turned, the wolves and shadowhunters show up and stop most of them, however Clary can't get to Sebastian to kill him because she is stopped by Jace who she stabs instead. Jace lives, except now contains the fire of heaven in him.

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