Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Starcrossed - Josephine Angelini (2011)

I bought this book at dymocks because I saw it on a recently released display and I thought it looked interesting. It turns out it was a pretty good decision.

I loved this book so much that I hate the author for not having the sequel released yet. It may have many similarities to twilight and other books of the genre, but it was still an excellent read with some nice humour and an interesting plotline that has me so excited for the sequel. It makes me really sad that it doesn't come out until May next year.

The story starts with Helen, a girl who lives in Nantucket and has always known she can do things that others can't, and her best friend Claire who has always just accepted her. They learn of a new family that is moving to Nantucket, the Delos family, who are famous around town for their wealth and good looks and although everyone on the island is excited to see them, Helen gets angry and grumpy when they are mentioned. When she first sees Lucas, one of the five Delos children, in the school hallway, she immediately attacks him to try to kill him. She gets attacked by a stranger a few weeks later and the Delos family fight them off for her, she runs away but then hears them catching up to her so she starts to fly by accident and in mid-air she realised what has happened and faints in the middle of the sky. Lucas catches her right before she hits the ground and breaks her fall and they lie together all night in the hole they've formed by crashing into the ground. When they wake, Helen realises the crying women urging them to kill each other are gone, and starts to fall in love with Lucas, she also becomes close with the Delos family and learns that she, like them, is a demigod. As the story continues Helen and Lucas fall further in love, however cannot be together as it will cause a war of epic proportions, soon Helen's mother Daphne, returns to keep Helen away from the Delos family and ends up telling her that she and Lucas are first cousins and can never be together, even though it is not true. A massive battle follows, in which many complicated things happen which are hard to explain if you haven't read the entire book, which I strongly recommend any people that enjoy this kind of fantasy/sci-fi genre do. Overall I thought this was a fantastic book and I would recommend it to people that enjoy complicated fantasy/sci-fi stories.

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