Thursday, 21 July 2011

Queen of Babble - Meg Cabot (2006)

I bought this book because Meg Cabot is one of my favourite authors and I have enjoyed many of her books, including the princess diaries, missing and size 12 is not fat. Fortunately I bought the omnibus of this and the sequel because it was only $9 at an Angus and Robertson closing down sale.

I enjoyed this book like I enjoy all of Meg Cabot's books, most tell the story of a girl, with some sort of individuality, that loves a boy who she thinks doesn't return her love and never would. This book is a nice light read with a happy ending (I love happy endings) and if you like Meg Cabot's other books or rom coms in general, you will enjoy this one.

Lizzie Nichols is going on a holiday to London to be with her long distance boyfriend, Andy, for the summer however once getting there she realises that Andy isn't very nice after all and just wants her for her money. As Lizzie has a non refundable ticket to return home after a month, she travels to France to spend the holiday with her best friend Shari who is staying with her boyfriend Chaz at his best friend Luke's vineyard. When she is on the train to France she meets a very nice American to whom she tells of all her recent troubles with Andy and who consoles her and is very kind to her, however little does she know that it's Luke, who owns the vineyard she is staying at. A humourous tale then follows which ends with Luke breaking up with his girlfriend so he can be with Lizzie. I personally enjoyed size 12 is not fat & size 14 is not fat either more than queen of babble as they had a little more meat to the storyline, but to each their own and I did still enjoy this book and would recommend it to any romantic comedy fans.

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