Monday, 16 March 2015

This Shattered World - Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner (2014)

5 stars

I bought this book after I finished These Broken Stars because the ending had me so invested in the story that I wanted to keep reading right away, and I was not disappoointed at all.

This book is told from two different perspectives than the last book but in the same style, this time from Jubilee and Flynn, with snippets of Jubilee's childhood at the start of each chapter. Ironically I think the other people in this book asides from them weren't really that neccessary because I loved them so much, but I absolutely loved the connection between them and Tarver and it makes me think that the focus of the third book will be the Knave of Hearts person they mentioned. The plot of this book is so much better than the last one as I just could not put it down, but I understand that they had to lay the groundwork for it with the first book so I strongly suggest that if you were kinda into the first book but didn't like all the constant travelling that you finish it and get to this one. My favourite character was Jubilee, I love strong female characters and she is such a great example of one that thinking back on this book all I can remember iss how much I loved her. I would recommend this series to anyone who likes young adult fantasy and romance.

Jubilee is a soldier and Flynn is a rebel on Avon, a planet that's never fully terraformed and is known for driving soldiers that are posted there too long to go insane. Jubilee has lasted the longest on the planet and is at her normal bar when she is kidnapped by Flynn Cormac who wants her to tell him about a secret base that he's seen in the swamp, she knows nothing about it and when he takes her to the island it's on nothing is there, but Jubilee sees a flash of the building appear and she picks up a microchip with a LaRoux symbol on it. Flynn then decides to take her back to the rebel base and try to trade her back to the army for some much needed medicine for their people. When he gets back the other leader of the rebels, McBride, is trying to rouse the civillians to go storm the base because he says they've taken Flynn. He calms the crowd, as he wants everything resolved peacefully, but then McBride finds Jubilee and nearly beats her to death before Flynn saves her. She tells him about the microchip and they decide to try to do something about it together so Jubilee calls her old captain, Tarver Merendsen. Tarver and Lilac tell them what happened to them with the whispers, which they realize are whats on Avon and Tarver tells them that if they plan on infiltrating the base they also have to tell the world that LaRoux are behind it. McBride slaughters a bunch of his own people while Jubilee is unconcious and he tells everyone that she is who did it so that they'll march against the army base. Jubilee and Tarver manage to break into the whispers building but one of them soon takes over Flynn's body and tells Jubilee that humans have taught them cruelty and separation so that's what they will show in return. It turns out that one of the whispers knew Jubilee as a child and is what has been taking her dreams, because it considers her a friend. It tells her to destroy them as they've become cruel and aren't one being anymore which is how they're supposed to be, he fends off the one in Flynn's body long enough for Jubilee to shoot the machinery that was holding them together. The war between the rebels and the army has come to a battle on the island that the whispers were held on and Jubilee gets shot trying to get to the loudspeaker to broadcast to everyone, so Flynn must do it on his own and he manages to talk everyone down from war and expose LaRoux industries. Jubilee lives and she and Flynn see the clouds start to clear on Avon now that LaRoux is leaving their planet alome.

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