Monday, 16 March 2015

More Than This - Patrick Ness (2013)

2.5 stars

Mac bought this for me for my birthday and I'd heard so many good things about it that I ended up being pretty disappointed.

I really wanted to like this book, but I just found that it made me really uncomfortable for the majority of the book when it's just Seth and his depressing thoughts of the afterlife. The parts of the book that I enjoyed were his flashbacks to his life and the parts where he's with Tomasz and Regine. It gave me a similar creepy feeling to what I had when I read Gone but this one was less due to people and more about the world I guess, I'm not really sure what it was about the book that gave me such a weird feeling, but I think the explanation for Seth's situation was way too late in the plot to give me any solace. My favourite character in this book was Tomasz by a mile, he managed to bring a smile to my face in every bleak situation they faced and I don't know how anyone could dislike him. I would recommend this to someone who likes young adult fiction with lots of introspection and reflection and isn't bothered by a seemingly apocalyptic setting.

A boy drowns. He dies. He then wakes up outside his old childhood home in England wrapped in bandages and thirstier than he's ever been before. The town he is in is deserted with no one in sight and everything covered in dust and overgrown as though it had seen no life for years. The boy soon starts to remember his life, including his name; Seth, and why he drowned; he killed himself. After raiding a grocery store and still finding no people around he goes to kill himself again, this time by jumping off a mountain, however he is stopped by Tomasz and Regine people who are also there and are running from the man in black who then appears and tries to kill them. They learn that they were all killed by a blow to a specific spot on the back of their heads and Regine thinks that they were in an online reality when the real world went to shit, Seth still thinks that they're all in hell. The man in black follows them multiple times after that and they manage to escape him in each one until Seth breaks into the prison, where Tomasz awoke from and said that there were thousands of other coffins just like theirs in it. Seth finds thousands of people in what seems to be comas in their coffin like things and the man in black is some sort of robot that maintains them. They then manage to destroy the man in black and Seth goes back to the virtual reality world to try to bring people back to the real one.

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