Thursday, 27 December 2012

Struck By Lightning - Chris Colfer (2012)

 3 stars

There wasn't really much chance that I wouldn't read this as soon as I bought it, and my awe for Chris Colfer is still very much intact. I am quite excited for this movie to see how they do it, also for Lauren Lopez who has a tiny, but still legitimate, part in it.

I don't know whether he wrote the book first then turned it into a script or whether it was the other way round but either way I think this will work a lot better as a movie. Because the book is narrated in first person from Carson's perspective the book  has a natural stopping point where you can't really find out any more details which I was really curious about, I hope in the movie it's better explored. I think my favourite character was Malerie, but that may have been because I was picturing Rebel Wilson acting as her whenever she did anything and my love for Rebel Wilson may have influenced that decision. If it wasn't Malerie, my favourite character was probably Carson, maybe because no other likeable characters were explored enough, but I thought his humour made up for his angst and superiority complex. I would recommend this to anyone that wants an easy read, and likes teenage school drama.

Carson's only goal is to get into Northwestern and become an editor and writer, and this book follows his senior year in high school in his hometown of Clover. He will do anything to get into Northwestern which is why when they tell him to make a literary magazine at his school he blackmails his classmates so that he has submissions. He ends up with hilarious gossip on the whole student council and gets many submissions to the magazine however he doesn't get any letters from Northwestern. At the end of the year his Counsellor calls him in to tell him that because he didn't reply to his acceptance letter and his spot has been taken. He learns that his mum threw out his aceptance letter because "it's useless to dream" and on his way home from school the next day he is struck by lightning and killed.

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