Thursday, 29 November 2012

Reached - Ally Condie (2012)

3.5 stars

I was pretty interested to see how this series was going to end, and although it wasn't what I expected, I found it really hard to put down and ended up reading till 1am finishing it.

I still think the best book in the series was probably Matched, however Crossed and Reached  were both good continuations for the characters, but not as much for the storyline. I think they were more like three serparate stories set in the same universe with the same characters than one big story arc. I really enjoyed reading from Xander's perspective in this book, especially comparing his feelings for Cassia with Ky's. My favourite characters in this book were Anna and Lei, Anna was really nice and an excellent leader figure that wasn't corrupt, she seemed unimportant but I liked how prominent she became. Lei was really lovely, and when I found out who she really was I was completely shocked and didn't see it coming at all. I would recommend this series to any dystopian fans.

The book starts with all three characters being part of the rising and recognizing that the takeover is starting. This means that the plague, which the society can't cure, has become widespread and the rising are the only people with the cure. However after a while the plague mutates and many people are falling into comas and some even dying as they no longer have a cure. The Pilot takes Ky, Xander and Cassia to the stone villages to discover the cure as the people there are immune and on the way Ky falls ill and goes into a coma. Cassia works out the right ingredient and her and Xander save Ky and get the Pilot to administer the cure to everyone once they find enough of the ingredient. The novel ends with Xander and Lei together in the stone villages and Ky and Cassia together and happy and casting their vote for who should be incharge now, Anna, the Rising, or the Society.

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