Sunday, 4 September 2011

Pretties - Scott Westerfeld (2005)

The sequel to Uglies, this book is also a reread for me for my english assignment and I still am enjoying it, for the second time.

This book is very different to Uglies with a lot less about The Smoke in the storyline. However it does introduce Zane, a character who is very loveable and interesting to read about.

Tally Youngblood is now a pretty, best friends with Shay and about to be voted in to her new clique, the crims. When a party with her new friends gets crashed by Croy, who tells Tally the whereabouts of the cure, Zane wants to help Tally find and test the cure together. When they get the pills, they take one each, which has a crippling affect on Zane, Tally and Zane must then get the tracking bracelets off so they can escape to the Smoke. Tally gets sidetracked on her way to the smoke, getting trapped in an experiment full of pre-rusties that live like barbarians and discovering more about how the specials manipulate people. When Tally arrives at the smoke she learns that the pills had to be taken together, one breaks down the leisions in the brain and one stops the process so the brain isn't severly damaged. Zane took the one that breaks down the brain, however without the other pill it didn't stop giving him brain damage, Tally's pill didn't help her at all, meaning that she was never cured and changed her brain herself. A tracker soon goes off that was placed in Zane's tooth, Tally stays with him even when David asks her to leave with the smokies and when the specials arrive Shay is leading them and captures Tally, telling her that she will make her special.

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