Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Bloodlines - Richelle Mead (2011)

My cousin lent this book to me because she lent me the Vampire Academy series which I enjoyed. This is a spin off from that series, but it's written in the same type of style and fans will enjoy it.

I definitely enjoyed this book, I really liked the original series, and this book is written in the same way as the old series except revolving around Sydney and Jill. Richelle follows the same kind of plot structure she always does with lots of enjoyable dialogue until the last hundred pages when all the action happens. I really enjoyed how much Adrian was in the book considering how loveable his character is.

Sydney has been assigned to protect Jill from moroi assassins who wish to kill her so Lissa can no longer be queen. Jill has been sent to a college in Palm Springs with Sydney, Eddie, Adrian, to whom she is now spirit bound, and Keith, Sydney's boss who is an extreme dickhead in my opinion. Sydney eventually becomes fond of all her new vampire and dhampir friends and they help her discover that Keith has been selling vampire blood and saliva for his own personal gain. Sydney is then attacked by Lee, who was a moroi whom Jill had fallen for, he had previously been strigoi but had been restored by a spirit user and was now trying to become strigoi again. Adrian then comes to help Sydney, and eventually Eddie and Jill turn up to save the day, but not before they discover that Lee cannot become strigoi again and he dies trying to be turned by two other strigoi who he had called. Sydney is then assigned to stay on in Palm Springs in Keith's place and to head up a task force discovering about spirit's affect on strigoi, there is a little spark of romance between her and Adrian right before the end of the book, however Sydney is disheartened when her task force arrives and Dimitri is part of it.

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