Saturday, 10 September 2011

Delirium - Lauren Oliver (2011)

I wanted to read this book when Mac bought it for a friend of ours for her birthday in February, she said she would lend it to me when she finished it however she still hasn't. So I borrowed it from another friend of mine on the recommendation that I would really like it, I did like it, but it's not as good as others in its genre.

I did like this book, I found it very similar to Matched by Ally Condie with the opressive society that chooses your husband or wife for you. I found that the character that never talked, Gracie, was my favourite. She was very interesting and helped keep Lena's home life interesting.

This book is set in a future where love is a disease which you are cured against at 18. Lena was looking forward to her procedure until she met Alex. Alex is an "invalid" someone who lives past the border of the city and in the wilds, he managed to get a fake id number and was allowed to live in society. Lena falls in love with Alex and she decides to leave before her procedure with him and go the the wilds. The Regulators catch them, lock Lena up, and move her procedure foward, however with the help of her best friend Hana and her cousin Gracie, Lena escapes her bounds and Alex comes for her. A chase ensues which ends in Lena crossing into the wilds and Alex being shot helping her escape. A really depressing ending, especially considering how much more I liked Alex than Lena.

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