Wednesday, 14 January 2015

A Thousand Pieces of You - Claudia Gray (2014)

4.5 stars

My sister got me this book for christmas after I put it on my list because it was on my recommendations page on goodreads and I thought it sounded alright and had the coolest cover ever, it turns out it was much better than I expected.

The concept of this book is basically travelling through the multiverse which is so cool and interesting that whenever I was getting a bit bored of the story Marguerite would think about the ramifications or the ethics of all the dimensional travel she was doing and I would immediately be drawn back in. My only real problem with this book was that it was a little predicatable with the switch of Marguerite's feelings between Theo and Paul, and I found it really annoying that she only spent two or three weeks with Lieutenant Markov but then thought she had fallen in love with just that version of him. I really appreciate the fact that with some of the dimensions she travelled to it was only for a couple chapters, but the author was so good at giving them all distinguishing features that I can remember them all and what their differences were. My favourite character was probably Paul, surprise surprise I like the love interest, but I thought he was just super adorable and considering how few characters are in this book I thought his character was definitely the most interesting. But also I feel for Josie because everyone's in love with her sister, how annoying. I would recommend this book to anyone who like YA fiction, or who don't mind a bit of teen romance with their interdimensional travel stories.

The book starts as soon as Marguerite has jumped dimensions for the first time, explaining that her parents invented interdimensional travel between owrlds because they theorize that the multiverse is real,meaing every possible choice you could make creates a new dimension. You also discover that she jumped dimensions to try to avenge her father, who her family believes to have been murdered by Paul, one of her parents graduate students. The other graduate student Theo is the one who brought Marguerite the firebird (the device that allows interdimensional travel) so she could chase Paul across dimensions with him because Paul jumped dimensions after the murder and the police believe he did it. The first dimension they come to is more technologically advanced than their own, but Marguerite's whole family is dead. There she confronts Paul and learns that he didn't kill her father, but he has to keep jumping through dimensions to try to get to Wyatt Conley, head of the Triad corporation. The next dimension her and Paul jump to together except she falls when she jumps in and breaks her firebird, it is a 1900s technology type age where Marguerite is royalty and Paul is her guard, but before he can fix her firebird his is confiscated and without it he can't remember his true self. They are stuck in that dimension for a few weeks while Marguerite both falls in love with Lieutenant Markov and gets her father to rebuild her firebird for her. Lieutenant Markov dies in battle and Marguerite assumes that Paul also died, but he managed to retrieve his firebird and jump dimensions beforehand. She follows him into a dimension very similar to their own where Paul explains that they had already made interdimensional travel work and this Wyatt Conley wants to start a war. He has done this by making Marguerite the only person from her dimension to be able to travel into others and remember herself without needing a reminder, he then wants to use her against her family and Paul and Theo. They manage to evade him but Paul tells Marguerite that he must travel to another dimension but he won't tell her why, when they get there Marguerite works out that her father is actually alive and has been put in this dimension's body so Wyatt could use him as leverage. Marguerite tells Theo that he and Paul can build him a new firebird so he can come home, but then Theo convinces her to go in a submarine with him where she learns that he has been a spy Theo from Wyatt Conley's dimension for the past three months so she steals his firebird and gives it to her dad so they can return to their dimension together. The book ends with her and Paul tentatively together, Theo upset that the other Theo ruined his chances with Marguerite, and her parents happily reunited.

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