Thursday, 18 September 2014

Is It Just Me? - Miranda Hart (2012)

2.5 stars

I love the show Miranda so I bought this because the blurb was funny and I wanted to see how she wrote, after reading this though I think I'm not an autobiography sort of person.

This book was funny, but she did this weird thing where she would have conversations with her eighteen year old self which I didn't really enjoy and every time I started really enjoying the book it would happen again and I would stop reading for a few days. Also I'm pretty sure that if you didn't watch her show you would be a bit confused by her writing style because she writes as if she's talking right to you and when you read it in her voice it can be pretty hilarious, but I'm not sure that it would be as funny if you didn't already know of her. I'd recommend this book if you just want something light and funny to read, especially if you like Miranda.

She writes eighteen chapters about different topics, they are; the introductory one, music, hobbies, office life, technology, beauty, bodies, exercise, diets, health, holidays, christmas, who's top dog?, mothers and children, dating, weddings, culture and dreams.

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