Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Someday, Someday, Maybe - Lauren Graham (2013)

2.5 stars

I was really excited to read this because I really love Lauren Graham and after hearing multiple interviews with her about this book I knew I was going to read it, I have to admit I knid of expected more though.

I know this is the first book by an actress who hasn't written a book before, but for some reason I just thought this book would have more excitement. It took me weeks to finish this book because I found it predictable so I didn't have any motivation to finish it quickly and I found the main character so annoyingly ignorant at times that I couldn't handle reading more of her stupid choices too soon after I'd just read some. Don't get me wrong, I like flawed characters, just the combination of Franny's character and the predictability of the storyline made this book surprisingly hard to get through. I did like the premise though, a struggling actress who doesn't realise the potential she's got, and there were some really light and funny moments that I started to look forward to while reading it. My favourite character was Penelope Shlotsky, or Penny De Palma as she prefers, because I thought she defied the shallow celebrity stereotype and I genuinely enjoyed her relationship with Franny. I'm really interested to know if Lauren will write another book after this one and if she does I'll definitely read it to see what she does differently. I would recommend this book to people who want a light comedic novel and don't mind some romance thrown in.

Franny Banks moved to New York two and a half years ago to become an actress and she gave herself a deadline that ends in six months to have accomplished something in the business. During the six months she gets a call from two different agents, books a small one line part on a long running sitcom and a couple commercials, and starts dating a guy from her acting class who is in a big name movie oppposite a big name actor. At the end of the six months, the episode she filmed still hasn't aired, the guy she's dating offered to pay for her boob job, and she got fired by the agent that she picked. She then dumps the guy she's dating for her roommate Dan, calls back the other agent whom she actually liked and decides to stay in New York for another six months.

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