Thursday, 12 December 2013

Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian - Rick Riordan (2009)

4 stars

I finally got around to reading the last book in this series, and I'm really glad I did because it was probably my favourite of the series.

This book is pretty much a giant battle, which I personally really enjoy reading because whenever the army is at it's lowest more reinforcements come in which is always exciting to read. I also enjoy last books like this one where there are so many plot points and characters that all have to have a resolution that ties together and I think the author did a really good job of that. I know these books are meant to be read when you're a young teenager, but I think with this book I was able to appreciate it more being a bit older, because if I was younger I don't think I would've enjoyed all the fight scenes. My favourite character in this book was Luke, without giving away any spoilers, I liked how his character turned out in the end and appreciated how much courage he had. I would recommend this series to people who like good adventure/quest type novels.

The book starts with Percy blowing up the Princess Andromeda, Kronos' ship, at the expense of Charles Beckendorf's life. He returns to camp and tells them what happened before going with Nico Di Angelo to the underworld and bathing in the river styx like Luke before him and Achilles before him. He returns to camp again and takes all the campers, except the Ares cabin who refuse, to Mount Olympus to defend Manhattan from Kronos and his army while the Gods are fighting Typhon. With the help of the Hunters of Artemis, the centaurs and eventually the Ares cabin they are able to defend Manhattan while Percy eventually ends up facing Kronos with only Annabeth and Grover on Mount Olympus. As Kronos is about to kill Percy, Annabeth intervenes and speaks to Luke, who regains control over his body and asks Percy to give him the blade so he can kill Kronos as he knows where the weak spot is. Percy hands over the blade and Luke dies while Kronos is blown to pieces, hopefully for eternity but the Gods are unsure of how long it could be. Percy then gets one wish from the Gods and he wishes for them to acknowledge all their children and send them to camp, even all the minor gods as that is what caused the war in the first place. Rachel Elizabeth Dare then becomes the next vessel for the oracle and Percy and Annabeth dating (finally).

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