Thursday, 16 May 2013

Spark - Amy Kathleen Ryan (2012)

5 stars

I was browsing through the book depository when I came across this book and remembering how much I loved Glow I bought it, it definitely lived up to it's predecessor.

This book is told from the three different perspectives of Seth, Waverly and Kieran, it is a testament to how well the author writes that some characters I used to hate I now like and some characters I used to like I now hate. She shows what effect power has on people and how torture and kidnapping can affect a person's behaviour, I loved reading Kieran's inner monologue and how he was justifying his actions at the same time Seth was reprimanding himself for acting that way. Anne Mather is a villan  for the history books, my hatred for her runs so deep that whenever I'm reading her dialogue I curse at her out loud, I can't wait for the next book, Flame, to come out in 2014 so I can finally see her taken down. My favourite characters in this novel were Tobin and Seth. Tobin is just so brave it amazes me, his character was needed as a moral comparison for the rest of the crew members to live up to in my mind. Although I disliked Seth in the previous book, his cleverness, kindness, and love for Waverly make him a very loveable character.

The book starts with Seth being let out of the brig and the alarms going off in the ship, someone had set the thrusters to go off to try to fling them off course. Kieran fixes this, then when he realizes Seth is out he immediately blames him. Waverly knows that Kieran is going mad with power and it wasn't Seth that did it, so she calls an election for a central council to help Kieran in which she is elected as a member. Seth realizes a terrorist from the New Horizon is on board so he tries to stop him and gets hurt so badly he has to stitch himself up in Waverly's room where he immediately collapses after the procedure from the pain. Waverly gets home and starts to help Seth and where she next arranges to drop him food he realizes is where the terrorist is sending messages from. When Seth goes to find Waverly and warn her, the terrorist is already there and almost kills them both before they knock him out. Kieran then decides to board the New Horizon to discuss the return of their parents from Anne Mather but the Central Council's plan to attack them and get their parents while he was negotiating failed. As they are being sent back on their shuttle they see the Empyrean's hull explode. Waverly gets Sarek to take all the kids to the New Horizon while she goes to the brig to save Seth. After they return to the shuttles Seth kisses Waverly then doesn't get on the shuttle with her and stays on the damaged Empyrean alone.

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