Monday, 6 May 2013

Size 12 and Ready to Rock - Meg Cabot (2012)

3.5 stars

I bought this book because I really enjoy this series and if there was any chance I wasn't going to read this one, the book trailer/video clip they made to remind readers of the storyline would've changed my mind.

I think Cabot originally intended this as a trilogy, and I have no idea why she kept going with the series five years later, but I'm glad she did. Unlike the other novels in the series, the murderer turns out to be who Heather actually first thinks it is, also unlike the other novels it isn't just a jaded enemy of the victim. This time he's a deranged abusive perv who you grow to hate as much as all the other characters do. My favourite characters in this novel were Cooper and Tania. I found Cooper was a lot more involved in this book than the others and he was a good counter balance to Heather's character, I also found Tania to be surprisingly likeable and her strength in the final moments made me feel a bit like a proud mama. I would recommend this book or series to anyone who wants a funny read that is really more about following one woman's life than the murders or romance  surrounding her.

The book opens with Heather and Cooper finding Tania passed out in the penthouse of Fischer Hall. They learn that her bodygaurd was just shot so Cooper's father hires him as her bodygaurd until her old one gets better. Tania also insists that she move her upcoming rock camp for girls to Fischer Hall. Heather soon learns that Tania was married before, to her high school choir teacher, who abused her mentally and physically and since she left him for Jordan had been blackmailing her for money. When she stopped sending the money, he said he would hurt her and that's why when filming starts on the rock camp show, one of her producers eats a poisoned muffin and dies. Later Heather learns that one of the girls from the rock camp has been going over to Wasser Hall to meet her boyfriend and when she goes to get her, it's really Gary, Tania's ex, before she can get him, he jumps out the window and manages to get away. She then sees the girl had been using her scarf to hide the finger shaped bruises on her neck, which she says were her fault for not hitting the notes right. At the final show for the rock camp, Tania and Heather are left alone backstage when Gary comes in and tries to shoot Heather to get Tania to give him the money. Heather stabs him with a hair comb into his previous wound and as she's running away with Tania Cooper returns and shoots Gary in the chest.

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