Sunday, 6 November 2011

Sisterhood Everlasting - Ann Brashares (2011)

Although I really enjoyed the previous books in the saga, I think this book was a total waste of a book and so much more stuff could've happened or been written better in it.

This book was written in the same style as the last four books which obviously works well with the four main perspective to switch between. My favourite character was Bridget, even though I used to be able to relate to Carmen, and Lena was probably my favourite character, Bridget had the best storyline in this book as it was the only interesting one. I think that if you want to read this book, save yourself the time and just read the last fifty pages as it's where everything happens. The twist at the end was the only redeeming plot point of this story.

Bridget, Carmen, Lena and Tibby are still good friends but have drifted apart in the last few years, especially Tibby who moved to Australia. A little before their 30th Birthdays Tibby invites the girls to Greece for a reunion. Tibby got there a day earlier so she could meet them at the airport, however when they arrive Tibby is nowhere to be found. They go to Lena's grandparents house where they were going to stay and they find all of Tibby's stuff but no Tibby. A body is found in the water that had drowned and it turned out to be Tibby, and when the girls look through her bag they find a letter that seems like a suicide note and some letters addressed to them with dates on. Bridget then finds out she's pregnant, she is still with Eric except after Tibby's death she started hitchiking around the country and doesn't want to tell him about the baby. Carmen is engaged to a guy she doesn't love, and Lena thinks about Kostos every day. Bridget ends up going to Australia to talk to Brian where she learns that Tibby had a daughter, Bailey. Lena starts a pen pal relationship with Kostos and has to deliver a letter to him from Tibby, in person. In the end Brian and Bailey move to Pennsylvania to a house that Tibby picked out that has many little sheds and other buildings where Bridget, Carmen and Lena could've stayed with them. We learn that Tibby had Huntington's, a degenerative disease. She found out when she was pregnant with Bailey, who doesn't carry the gene and brought the girls to Greece to tell them, she was then going to move to Pennsylvania with Brian and Bailey and go into a hospice. However she lost muscle control when swimming and drowned in Greece before she could tell the girls. Bridget keeps her baby and gets back with Eric, Lena and Kostos reunite, and Carmen breaks up with her fiancee and ends up alone.

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