Wednesday, 29 May 2013

New Moon - Stephanie Meyer (2006)

3 stars

I read this because once you start the series, it's pretty difficult to stop. Acoording to the author, the title is a reference to the darkest stage of the lunar cycle, suggesting this is the darkest time of the protagonist Bella's life (Source: Wikipedia). It reached  #1 on the New York Times bestseller list and USA Today's Top 150 bestsellers.  It was the best selling book of 2009. I really do like this book. It does tend to drag in the middle, but it picks up pretty quickly.

Here's the trailer for the movie adaption!

Edward and Bella can't stay away from each other. But Bella is starting to notice Edward distancing himself from her. He tells her he's leaving her and that he doesn't love her. This is devastating for Bella and she spends months acting like a zombie. Then she befriends Jacob, a childhood friend from the reserve. The pair become fast friends and restore a couple of motorbikes together. Bella realises that whenever she does something reckless or dangerous she can hear Edward's voice in her head. One day she decides to try cliff-diving - a pastime enjoyed by the kids on the reserve. Only problem is, Alice, Edward's future-seeing sister sees Bella jump and assumes she's committing suicide. Edward soon believes that Bella is dead. He goes to the Volturi - kind of like the vampire government - and asks them to kill him. But they refuse, mostly because their leader covets his talent. Meanwhile Alive visits Forks, only to find Bella is still alive. Alice and Bella rush to Italy and manage to save Edward before he reveals himself in the sunlight to the public. The Volturi meet Bella and claim that she cannot know their secret and remain human. Edward has to agree to make her a vampire some time in the near future. This is exactly what Bella wants, but not what Edward wants.

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