Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Eclipse - Stephanie Meyer (2007)

3 stars

I couldn't stop reading the series now, could I? I think Eclipse is my least favourite out of the four in the seies. In the first 24 hours of its release it sold more than 150 000 copies. It was the 4th bestselling book in 2008 beaten only the others in the saga (which confirms my theory that it is the worst one...) And here is the trailer.

Bella is struggling with having a friendship with Jacob whilst being in love with Edward. Edward doesn't like her hanging out with Jacob as he is a new werewolf and therefore very volatile. There is a string of murders in the nearby city of Seattle and the Cullen family suspect a newborn vampire. Alice sees Victoria in Forks hunting for Bella and Bella becomes constantly watched by the Cullens. Edward proposes to Bella and they make a deal - she will agree if he promises to change her himself after graduation. The Cullen family learn that it is not only Victoria that is after Bella. She is raising a newborn army in Seattle to train them to kill Bella and the Cullen family. The Cullen family and the werewolves becomes allies and prepare for a fight. Edward and Bella hide in a clearing with one of the werewolves, Seth. Victoria and a newborn find them and start to attack. When Bella sees that Edward and Seth are losing, she cuts her arm in a distraction attempt. Seth polishes off the newborn and Edward decapitates Victoria. They return to the rest of the family and find the Cullen family have killed all the newborns, except one that surrendered. The Volturi arrives and repeat that Bella must be made a vampire soon. They also kill the newborn that surrendered, despite the fact that Carlisle was going to make her part of the family.

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