Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Breaking Dawn - Stephanie Meyer (2008)

4 stars

I really love Breaking Dawn. It is my favourite in the series. I love the huge leaps it makes and all the events that follow and the very satisfying ending. The book is divided into three parts - the first and third being narrated by Bella and the second narrated by Jacob (which I found terribly tedious.) The publishing company took measure to ensure the contents wouldn't be leaked, which was a bit of a problem with the previous books.

Over 1.3 million copies were sold with the first 24 hours of its release, which I think is pretty staggering. Especially compared with the 150 000 of its prequel (Source: Wikipedia). It was awarded the British Book Award for 'Children's Book of the Year'. The movie was released in two parts - which I can only assume was designed to drag out the hype and make more money. Here is the trailer for part one and here is the trailer for part two.

Edward and Bella get married on their honeymoon. She manages to seduce him into some typical honeymoon activity, but she ends up with bruises everywhere and he refuses to try again. For the rest of the honeymoon he keeps her busy with a variety of activities. She develops a big appetite from all the exertion and makes herself ill from eating bad chicken. While looking for something she happens upon a box of tampons and realises she's late. She looks in the mirror and sees her tummy is swollen. Edward is shell-shocked and immediately calls Carlisle and they rush home to get rid of it. While alone, Bella contacts Rosalie. Once home, Rosalie protects her and refuses to let Carlisle operate. Bella struggles and is very ill with a bruised stomach. Jacob sees and is disgusted. Edward is miserable, until he learns he can hear the baby's thoughts. Eventually they decide that they baby is big enough and that it needs to be delivered. It breaks Bella's spine and is delivered. She holds the baby girl and names it Renesmee. Jacob resuscitates Bella while Edward injects his venom into her heart. Bella awakes as a vampire and finds Jacob has imprinted on her baby girl and furious. She and Edward go to hunt and she happens upon a human and she manages to resist despite her newborn status. The Cullen family is amazed. One day, while with Renesmee and Jacob, Bella sees Irina (a fellow vampire) staring at Renesmee. Irina thinks she is an immortal child (a child bitten by a vampire, which has no self-control) and reports it to the Volturi. Thing is Renesmee is growing at an incredible rate and they are worried how long she will live. The Cullen family gather their international friends to witness that Renesmee is half-human for the Volturi. The Volturi arrive and kill Irina for her false witness. It nearly comes to a fight, but Bella is able to shield everyone on her side. Alice brings another half-human, half-vampire and the Volturi and satisfied that Renesmme is not a danger. Bella learns how to put down her shield and Edward is able to read her mind for the first time, and they live happily ever after.

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