Thursday, 28 February 2013

The Host - Stephanie Meyer (2008)

3 stars

I read this back in 2008 and absolutely loved it. I raved about it and lent it out to quite a few friends. On re-reading it now that I'm a bit older, I didn't like it quite as much. It has a tendency to get too descriptive which leads to a lack of plot and therefore a lack of interest. Once you get into it, however, it is quite the page-turner.

Don't be discouraged from reading this just because it is by the same author as the Twilight saga. It is a completely different genre with very different themes. This book could almost be called a dystopian novel, rather than than paranormal/ romance genre that Twilight falls in. I would definitely recommend this, I do really enjoy reading it. It has a couple of good twists and it gives an interesting take on what a perfect world would be like.

Much to my excitement, The Host is becoming a movie! It looks pretty good to me and I am definitely going to go see it at the movies. Check out the trailer:

Wanda is a 'soul' - a species that takes over the minds of humans and uses their body. The thing is, Wanda's human, Melanie, continues to be conscious.  Mel takes her to a secret refuge where humans are still alive, where her brother and boyfriend are. Wanda is ostracised by the group and attempts are made on her life. Wanda falls in love with Mel's boyfriend but at the same time falls in love with another human, Ian. After some time, she slowly starts to fit in and be trusted. She goes out on a raid, when medicine is badly needed because her own kind have no reason to mistrust her. She is assigned a 'Seeker' - one of her kind who tracks humans - who tracks her down, but the Seeker is captured. Wanda shows the humans how to remove souls after making them promise they won't  harm them.  She then sacrifices herself, then waking up to find they put here in another body so she could live. She is then able to live happily in the community with Ian and they soon discover there are many more humans living in hiding.

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