Friday, 12 October 2012

The Big Trip - Lonely Planet (2011)

3 stars

My friend bought me this for my birthday in preparation for my travels next year. It is published by Lonely Planet - the largest travel guide publishers in the world.  It outlines lots of useful things like; how to book planes, to pack and staying in touch with friends and family back home. It explains all the options available and the tricky things like round-the-world tickets. It also has chapters on common destinations and goes into details on tourist highlights and interesting out-of-the-way adventures.

It was really useful and gave me a lot of insight into my own travel next year.  It's written and aimed at young people, so it includes lots of anecdotes of hilarious travel mishaps (which may not have been so funny at the time.) It is written in a very casual, laid-back language, with the author talking to the reader. It was definitely a good read as it is very up-to-date and beautifully illustrated.

(The summary would be boring and very long - so I'll quote an amusing section for you)
10 ways to use your guidebook
1. To prevent snoring - simply prop it under their head for some elevation.
2. To escape with your life - hit them on the head
3. As toilet paper - desperate, but its better than a leaf!
4. As kindling
5. As bug control - swat them down
6. To block a mouse hole
7. To keep a window open - jam it between the sill and the glass
8. As roach material
9. As insulation
10. To get girls - play the lost tourist

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