Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Between the Lines - Jodi Picoult (2012)

3 stars

I bought this because it had Picoult emblazoned across the cover (and she is one of my favourite authors!) She and her daughter Sammy wrote it together. I think I would have liked it a lot more if I was a part of the intended audience - ie pre-teens. It is well written, and it includes the classic Picoult character narration swapping. It is about a fairy-tale that one girl sees come to life and she tries to bring the hero into the real world. It changes between character narration and the fairy-tale with beautiful illustrations throughout the novel.

I did like it, and I was definitely an original idea. However, the end wasn't suitably thought out and seemed too easy to be realistic.

Delilah finds herself enthralled by a child's fairy-tale. And to her surprise, the hero Oliver comes to life in the book. Delilah has had a crush on him ever since she started reading. So she starts spending all her time brainstorming with Oliver to find a way to bring him into the real world. Her mother begins to worry about her spending so much time with her head in a fairy-tale and sends her to a psychologist. Delilah continues talking to Oliver in secret. He concocts a plan, and he brings Delilah into the story. She is not happy and misses her life and soon manages to return. In desperation, Delilah tracks down the author of the fairy-tale and begs her to change the ending so Oliver can leave the story. The author says that she can't, the story is is the hands of the reader's now. Delilah gets onto her computer and gives the story a new ending. She writes the author's son into the story, who chooses voluntarily to swap places with Oliver.

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