Sunday, 1 July 2012

Rapture - Lauren Kate (2012)

4 stars

The long-awaited finale to the Fallen series. I have been hanging out for this for quite a while. It was optioned by Disney in 2010 and is currently in pre-production. There is a lot of history behind Luce and Daniel. Foreshadowing has been planted since the first book and this book tied up the loose ends without coming up with unrealistic random conclusions. It is definitely an epic love story. An angel and a mortal cursed to fall in love with each other for millennia.

If this sounds like your kind of book, you can test the waters by reading the first 30 or so pages online:

Here's the official book trailer:

The fallen angels need to find three relics to discover the location of their fall and stop Lucifer from starting time over again. They have nine days until Lucifer finishes his fall. Luce and Daniel dive to find a halo. The other angels find a goblet. And an old friend is friend is revealed to be the third relic. They put the three together and a map appears, placing their fall in Troy. They race to Troy, and Luce discovers that she is not a mortal but an angel. She learns that Lucifer taught her to love and she left him because she fell out of love with him and in love with Daniel. She had thought that Daniel was the angel that had to pick between Heaven and Hell to balance the scale. But it is her. She chooses the same as before, as does Daniel - they choose love. The Throne acquiesces and allows them their choice. They are both made mortal, but the Throne declares they may not even meet each other in their mortal lives and will not remember anything. It then details Luce starting college as a normal girl who does not constantly see Announcers and tells of Luce's and Daniel's first encounter. The novel finishes with the Angels and the Nephilim watching over Luce and Daniel as if their story is a movie.

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