Sunday, 17 June 2012

Insurgent - Veronica Roth (2012)

4.5 stars

I am so lucky that all those months ago, I bought Divergent in a rush because I needed something to read. I loved Divergent so much, it was the book I chose to pitch in a speech in front of my English class last year. It's one of my favourite YA fiction series', because we're all a little over vampires, werewolves and angels. Both Divergent and Insurgent were New York Times bestsellers. Not to mention, it is a trilogy and this book will certainly leave you hanging for the third.

The film rights were sold, and it's got a lot of action which could make a really good film. What I was wondering though, what is Roth going to call the third one? Turns out she's having a problem with that too, so the working title is Detergent. The coolest thing about Roth - she's only 22. So she's a tumblr addict, so straight off her blog I found:

Also, here is the book trailer:

Yet again, Clare's done the hard yards for me!

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