Saturday, 19 May 2012

Tully - Paullina Simons (1995)

5 stars

Tully is one of my most favourite books of all time. I picked it up a few years ago at a book sale on a whim. I could not put it down. I remember structuring my life around reading Tully (at over 600 pages with small print, it took a while!) Heads up, this is not a book for younger readers. It deals with complex, adult issues and contains a lot of profanity.

The best part about Tully, is Tully - the main character. She must be the most frustrating character ever written. I spend most of the book screaming at her. She has a hard life, and all she wants is what she can never have.

Tully has been abused by her mother her whole life. Luckily, she has two best friends - Jennifer and Julie - whose parents have her over as often as they can. Jennifer and Tully hold a special bond as both of them are't fond of chatting and both dream of living in California. In senior year, Tully meets Robin and the pair go out. Jennifer falls in love with Jack, who rejects her and breaks her heart. Jennifer kills herself, and Tully is devastated. Tully moves out and does some social work and goes to university. She then meets Jeremy, who promises to live with her in her beloved California. However, Tully is pregnant and circumstances mean it must be Robin's. She marries with Robin and has a son - Robin Jr. Tully struggles to stay in touch with Julie because it is painful and continues to put flowers on Jennifer's grave. One day she meets Jack, who is also putting flowers on Jennifer's grave. Jack and Tully fall in love and spend every Sunday together. Tully falls pregnant and thinks the baby is Jack's. She gives birth, but then is very ill and nearly dies. She names her daughter Jennifer. She wants to leave Robin and go with Jack to California, but Robin won't let her take her son. She then realises that she has always been in love with Robin and could never leave him and doesn't want to go to California.

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