Sunday, 8 April 2012

Lone Wolf - Jodi Picoult (2012)

Yes, yet another Picoult book. I pre-ordered this one and picked it up as soon as it was released. Sadly, I haven't had much time to do anything let alone read. So, unlike Picoult novel I would usually devour this one has taken me weeks.

It's not quite up to her usual standards, but I still liked it. The main character Luke was hard to relate and empathise with, which made it a little hard to read.

Luke's life revolves around wolves. It caused his wife and son Edward to leave him. Luke and his daughter, Cara, are in a car crash that leaves Luke in a vegetative state. Edward is called back from Thailand as he is his father's only next of kin as Cara is only 17. Edward wants to terminate life support and Cara does not. He tries to and Cara interrupts, then Edward pulls the plug. Cara tries to bring a murder lawsuit against him, but it does not work out. A guardian is appointed to decide who should be allowed to make the choice. She recommends Cara. The judge however, decides that Luke would not want to live his life lying in a bed and appoints Edward guardian.

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